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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Over clock any Sony Xperia

credits goes to XDA DEV@@@!!!@@@

Warning : This tool will automatically get unlock code and unlock your phone before you flash custom kernel to root and install CWM. If you want to update firmware by SEUS, PC Companion or Update Manager in your phone(OTA). Please relock bootloader (Read Bonus Section)

- Automatically get the unlock code from Sony Ericsson website within 10 seconds after entering the IMEI code.
- Automatically fully unlock the bootloader without the need of any command line.
- Support flashing .IMG boot file, .SIN kernel to change the kernel to install CWM or root the phone with the corresponding IMG file.
- Support flashing .FTF file with Flashtool core libs
- Support Relock Bootloader

User Guide
- Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run this program!
- Download Java SDK libs :, extract and copy 2 folder into program's folder as path : program's folder\libs\x10flasher_lib\ . I split 2 part one is main program and other is libs because libs is common use . We just need to download new version of main program. Dont need to download again libs file !
- From your phone dial pad, press *#06# to get the IMEI code.
- Open the program. Enter the 14-digit IMEI code into the first text box.
- Press the Get Unlock Code button. You will see your unlock code in the Unlock Code box.
- Turn off the phone and hold Volume Up and connect the USB cable to the computer. If the LED light turn blue that means the phone is now on Fastboot mode.
- The computer will automatically install the driver. If the driver can't be recognized, please install the following tool : . When installing, remember to choose drivers for fastboot and Flashmode! Just hit Install Anyway if Windows ask you to install the drivers!
- After finishing the installation, click the Unlock BL button. The program will automatically unlock your bootloader! 
- If you want to flash any custom kernel to install CWM or root your phone, double click on third text box and select your .IMG or .SIN file. Click Flash to flash the custom kernel.
- If you want to relock bootloader, click Flash Modeand then check Relock BL , double click on third text box and select your .FTF file. Turn off the phone and hold Volume Down and connect the USB cable to the computer. If the LED light turn green that means the phone is now on Flash mode. . Click Flash to flash your FTF relock file.
- If you want to flash .FTF file do as above but uncheck Relock BL. We have on more Option is Wipe Data / Cache use to Factory reset when flash new firmware ! If you only need to repair your phone please don't check Wipe Data / Cache.

Custom stock kernel based on 0.62 firmware to install CWM and Root for who don't want to use stock kernel with root and CWM :

To enter CWM press the power on-off key once or twice as soon as the b logo gets brighter.

This program need Net Framework 2.0 or higher to run stable!

SE Bootloader Unlocking v1.6:
================================================== ==================
Bonus Section:
Relock bootloader Xperia 2011 Line:
Flashtool v0.6.8.0:
Drivers Pack :

Credits :
Androxyde for his flashtool libs, bbooff for custom kernel, acb123 for translate Vietnamese to English tutorial and other people who help me test this tool !

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